Wild Woolies
Tibet Collection Chimes:
Made exclusively for dZi by our friends in the Tibetan colony of Lingtsang in northern India.
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Tibet Collection Incense:
Our Tibetan-style incense is hand made with natural self-binding herbal blends.

Tibet Collection Jewelry:
Unique designs that include the best of traditional motifs, designs inspired by the natural world and more!
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Tibet Collection Malas:
Tibetan Rosaries are used in both spiritual practice and as decoration.

Tibet Collection Meditation Bowls:
Our beautiful handcast meditation bowls are carefully hand tuned.

Tibet Collection Paper Prayer Flags:
Our delightful Lokta Paper Prayer flag garlands are great for hanging anywhere and any time of year.

Tibet Collection Prayer Flags:
Wood block and screen printed Prayer Flags from Tibetan Artisan groups.
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Tibet Collection Singing Bowls:
Tibet Collection handbeaten and handcast Singing Bowls are exceptionally resonant.

Tibet Collection Stationary:
Our Beautiful "Tree Free" Eco sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper cards.

Tibet Collection Spa:
Make massage and aromatherapy part of your daily ritual.

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"Our jewelry section would be lonely without products from Tibet Collection. Customers are drawn to the subtle details and careful craftsmanship. Some of the jewelry is timeless and sophisticated; other designs are whimsical and fun."

-Emily, Fair Trade Winds, Seattle, WA

"Nice quality jewelry with a classy upscale edge and great prices for silver and semi-precious stones."

-Dave, Global Gifts

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